Enhanced Payroll Relief is Almost Here!

The new payroll relief will launch on August 4th! The new system was built using the most modern, and sophisticated cloud technology available. While the calculation engine remains unchanged, the revamped system will make it faster and easier to access data and process payroll.
  • Compatibility with all major browsers. (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari)
  • Better performance on mobile devices, including the iPad.
  • Enhanced interface to improve user experience and increase productivity.
  • More efficient processing for larger payrolls.
  • Many requested enhancements not possible with the older architecture.
  • There are some changes to the interface you’ve become familiar with so we will be developing a guide with screenshots to help you get comfortable with the revisions that are being made.
Streamlined, up-to-date interface: From the outset, you’ll notice a new, cleaner, more streamlined look to all the screens in Payroll Relief. You will notice a more subdued color scheme, different fonts, and subtle highlighting of key fields. There will be info buttons for quick help on important fields. One of the biggest changes is the new save button. Currently you don’t have to click save in Payroll Relief. The current system automatically saves your changes when you leave a screen. While convenient for some, it’s confusing for others and not typical of a modern payroll system. In keeping up with industry best practices, the new system will require that you hit save to record your data before exiting a screen. If you attempt to leave a screen without saving, a window will pop-up alerting you to save your work before leaving the screen.

Works on all major web browsers: The current payroll system is not fully compatible with Chrome or Safari, two of the most widely used web browsers. The revamped system, which is built using modern MVC technology, will be compatible with Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 9 and 10 and Firefox.

Unlimited, fully customizable pay types and allowances: Pay types have been enhanced to provide greater flexibility. You’ll be able to create as many pay types and allowances as your company needs without limitation. Pay types are further enhanced in that you can choose what order you would like the pay types to appear on the payroll entry screen.